How to Gather Funds (No Matter the Budget)

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Are you starting up a new business, launching a product, or producing a film? Crowdfunding is a relatively new option to build your budget. It’s new enough that my computer thinks the word simply does not exist (It’s sporting the spellcheck squiggle of death). Many crowdfunding programs include gifts for making a donation, others have something different to offer.

Forbes names the Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites for Fundraising.

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegogo
  3. Crowdfunder
  4. RocketHub
  5. Crowdrise
  6. SoMoLend
  7. appbackr
  8. AngelList
  9. InvestedIn
  10. Quirky

Here are some helpful links from to get you started:

The number of options seem overwhelming, but a little research can uncover the best choice for your project. 

What are your experiences with crowdfunding?


Can you name any companies that started by using this approach?

What are your favorite technological gadgets that were launched via crowdfunding?



Perpetual Cathy


Textual: My Number 1 Tip for Creating Better Content

I’d like to share the most common rookie mistake I’ve noticed in my decade of media practice…

  1. ALWAYS avoid the use of clichés (when being serious).
    1. Example: Community Bank for all your banking needs.

Is it really for ALL my banking needs? Really? I need money, and I doubt they will hand it over without a bunch of awkward paperwork. Therefore, that statement is a lie. This specific cliché should never be used as a slogan. Why? It doesn’t differentiate the bank from the baker or banana farmer, and no business can possibly cover the needs of every person.

I challenge any of you to send me a local ad from a business who is currently using this phrase as their slogan. You shouldn’t be at a loss for options. Doesn’t seem to make a business stand out, huh? Well, maybe for this purpose. Hint: I tend to see this in vinyl stickers while driving down the interstate.


Run & Gun: Video Content Doesn’t Have to Take Millions

It is possible to produce good video content without a ton of resources. In fact, you could have virtually no budget at all. Less than five years ago, a group of aspiring filmmakers came together in West Virginia to combine their creative efforts. With the use of two consumer grade flip HD cameras, and volunteered talent, a little movie known as Christ Complex was born. Warning: This project does contain some adult themes and language.

Christ Complex Official Movie Trailer

Christ Complex is not a faith-based movie, but rather a story of a girl who purposefully dates damaged men with the goal of saving them. It’s a little bit of romantic comedy, with a dash of science fiction. The Internet Movie Database ( says:

“Zoey, a woman trying to find her role in this world, saves troubled men in search of her own completion. She meets Quinn, a guy who believes he is the world’s savior. He must fight a ‘friend’ to the death to stop the oncoming Apocalypse. This is the story of Zoey taking her newfound charity case under her wing as she is compelled to help the damaged Quinn come to reality, while fighting her own past demons as they are revealed.”Written by Travis Stephens

Christ Complex Full Length Feature Film

Small companies can benefit from producing their own informational videos to enhance their social media efforts. If funding is needed, crowdfunding sites like can help with monetary goals. Are you familiar with crowdfunding campaigns? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Uhh… Errr… Umm… Adobe Launches Program to Remove Hesitation from Video Testimonials

For those of us who live in the land of Adobe products, it should not be a surprise that they’ve mastered a way to remove hesitations in video interviews. It’s no longer necessary to use jump cuts, add awkward transitions or fill space with b-roll (extra footage) in order to have a polished final product. It seems too good to be true, but check it out here: Adobe MAX 2014.


I’m now thinking of all the past projects this tool would have boosted. This little trick is part of the Adobe MAX 2014 package, and it’s known as #GapStop. For a complete list of the updates Adobe made to their products in 2014, click here: The Creative Magic of MAX 2014 Sneaks

Here’s what the Twitterverse has to say about #GapStop: Tweets.

Do you feel this product is ethical? Please explain. Now, how do we write proposals to convince management we need this program?


The footage is breathtaking. Some can’t wait to get their hands on a drone remote, while others may have some privacy concerns about the rising equipment. Drones allow videographers to capture footage from the sky and much more. published this article: Some Good Things Drones Can (Actually) Do. According to the article, drones can:

  • Help Farmers
  • Weave Buildings
  • Sell Real Estate
  • Enable Paparazzi
  • Make Sports (and other events) Look Cool
  • Fight Crime
  • Guard the Border
  • Save the Planet
  • Put out Wildfires
  • Hunt Wild Animals
  • Monitor Wildlife
  • Deliver Pizza
  • Deliver Other Stuff Too
  • Do Journalism
  • Inspect Oil Rigs
  • Transport Medicine
  • Save Lives
  • Entertain Nerds

Drones are capable of far more than ever imagined. By selecting “Follow Me” on your smart phone GPS system, a drone can now follow you without the use of a remote. Learn how by watching this Freeze HD production of the Top 3 Drones You Should Buy.

How could the use of a drone amp your advertising campaigns?

Perpetual Cathy


Direct marketing is very popular right now with auto-ship options. There are countless products in this marketing arena. My husband and I receive razors each month from Dollar Shave Club, my beauty products from Meaningful Beauty, and at one point I was a subscriber of Wen Hair Care and Shoe Dazzle. I personally love that I don’t have to go anywhere to get the products I enjoy. I can’t help but wonder if maybe my interest stems from being a member of the Millennial, instant gratification generation?

The Business Insider recently published this article: 25 Subscriptions That Will Simplify and Improve Your Monthly Purchases. Have any of your tried the listed brands? If so, which ones are your favorites? I find myself most intrigued by grocery companies like Blue Apron. Part of me feels like, “Wow. My grandmother would find this so ridiculous! It’s lazy, right?” On the other hand, I feel like it frees up so much time. This is an introvert’s dream! Practical Ecommerce says, ‘Auto Ship’ Programs Generate Repeat Sales.

Perpetual Cathy

To Create Great Content, One Needs A Level of Vulnerability

The pressure to provide amazing content in blog posts and other emerging media requires a level of consistent vulnerability. The definition:
Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 9.11.57 PM

Don’t continuously push out the same dull, tedious content across all platforms. Switch it up! If your audience constantly sees the same messages, they’re going to become bored. Make people dependent on your content, don’t leave them knowing what to expect day after day. (Lloyd, 2015)

During my undergraduate studies, I took an interpersonal communications course. Towards the end of the semester, each student completed a personality test known as The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I was so shy at that time, and I had never been so self-aware as I was in that moment. By completing this program, a marketing staff can better determine what role is best for what person. Such a resource can also help companies better cater their messages to the correct audiences.

It’s vitally important to take a step back every now and then to examine how the working parts fit together, how they can better do so, and make adjustments.

  • Have you taken The Myers Briggs Type Indicator?
  • If so, how has the MBTI increased your interpersonal understanding?

Perpetual Cathy

Unborn Advertising: The Next Decade

I predict the emerging media of the next ten years will become more like Minority Report (2002) with Tom Cruise. Not in the way of arresting murderers before they commit crimes, but in the technology of computers without physical screens that store massive amounts of data, that can be easily multitasked through by swiping the air in front of you. This concept isn’t far off from Google Glass, Laser Projection Virtual Keyboards, and the Amazon Dash Button for Prime Members that will replenish household items with a press. Then item then shows up on your doorstep two business days later. If these incredible products our part of our lives now, the next decade has some unfathomable things in store.

MinorityReportTomCruise-1Tom Cruise in Minority Report, 2002

“Hey, come visit my shop! I have what you need!” A recent trip to a different country with a mall full of vendors who desperately wanted the American dollar, made me think about my marketing courses. As media becomes more scientifically “smart” and seemingly all-knowing of our every move, I predict personalized messages in audio advertising. For example: “Cathy! You know you want some cookies!”

Perpetual Cathy